VIDEO: Klif Rader – Mining Dust Control at 2017 SME Annual Conference

Exhibitors at the 2017 SME Annual Conference were invited to present in the Press Room to members of the media. Klif Rader gave a brief overview about Desert Mountain Corporation and the products and solutions we offer for the mining dust control, road and soil stabilization. #SME2017ACE Press Room presentation: Desert Mountain Corporation Posted by Society … Read more

Four Top Rural Transportation Issues

The environment, safety, special events and public image are all top issues for city and county rural transportation departments. In rural settings, not all roads, meeting areas and parking lots are paved. With the space and serenity of living outside of the bustling metropolitan areas, dust control and dirt roads are a fact of life. Elected … Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Apache County District 2 Continues Soil Stabilization and Road Improvements

Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilization Solution DuraBlend® Applied by Desert Mountain Corporation Mesa, AZ, May 31, 2016– As a part of their ongoing road improvements project, Apache County District 2 continues to grade to remove potholes and wash boarding and apply an environmentally friendly soil stabilization product on the school bus routes and high traffic areas outside … Read more

Mining Water Conservation and Dust Control

Mining Water Conservation and Dust Control Planning Dust control and mining water conservation are major environmental and economic concerns for mining operations. Regardless of production levels, the dust on haul roads, tailings, stockpiles and other areas must be contained. Staff and neighbors alike benefit when blowing dust and water conservation are a priority. And so does … Read more

NEWS RELEASE: Desert Mountain Donates Dust Control Solution To Riverton Community Baseball Program

Desert Mountain Donates Dust Control Solution To Riverton Community Baseball Program                 Eco-Friendly Soil Stabilization Solution Donated by Desert Mountain Corporation Riverton, WY, July 25, 2016– Dusty parking lots won’t be a problem for Riverton’s Ron Saban Baseball Complex. Desert Mountain Corporation, a dust control, soil stabilization and … Read more

Arizona Dust Control Solutions

Maintaining Arizona Dust Control Arizona dust control solutions are an ongoing concern for construction companies, aggregate facilities, landfills, the mining industry, city and county public works, forestry, roads, and transportation departments. Affordably meeting transportation needs while maintaining a safe and healthy air quality environment for employees and the general public is a balancing act that many companies and … Read more

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